About Daldavco, LLC

Daldavco, LLC

The name Daldavco us derived from the first names of the Father/Son owners Dallas (son) & Dave (father). We are a Texas Limited Liability Corporation. There are two distinctly different divisions within Daldavco.

Window Coverings

The windows covering division is a Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise dba ‘Bloomin’ Blinds of The Woodlands’. The Franchiser organization was started many years ago in North Texas by an ambitious Single Mother, by the name of Karen Stuart. Initially Bloomin’ Blinds was a mobile blinds washing and repair company. In time, she sought becoming an authorized dealer for many of the top manufacturers of blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery.

Her three sons Kelsey, Kris and Kevin (are you seeing a theme here?) grew up in the industry handling the Sales, Installations and Repairs for Bloomin’ Blinds. Their annual revenue was in the millions. A few years ago, Karen retired and her equally ambitious sons decided to take things to the next level by Franchising the Bloomin’ Blinds business concept. The original Bloomin’ Blinds became the first five of the franchises.

When Daldavco, LLC became interested in possibly entering the Windows Covering Industry, we looked at what we felt to be all of our viable options. We quickly ruled out becoming an “Independent”, as it is hard to break into the dealer network with manufacturers, and you miss out on the volume pricing needed to be competitive with the big franchises. You also have the handicap of needing to go through all of the trials and tribulations successful dealers long ago resolved. After looking into the franchising opportunities, we found there really were only three franchise options that we wanted to take to the next Level of researching. Two were headquartered here in Texas and the other in California. Long story short, we felt that the business philosophy of Kelsey, Kris and Kevin (who also fit in the ages between Dave and Dallas) was a perfect match with ours. Same with the comfort of communication between the three of them and the two of us. They Interviewed us, we interviewed them, and all five of us agreed to go forward with a franchise purchase agreement. We then went through a lengthy period of franchise training to learn their structured methods, and then through the certifications with the manufacturers.

This site contains information specific to each of the products and services which we offer. We invite you to peruse through our web site to better understand what Bloomin’ Blinds of the Woodlands offers to Texans. Our territory extends up I-45 from Spring Texas to Huntsville, Texas and east and west of I-45 about 15 miles in each direction. The main web site for Bloomin’ Blinds is www.BloominBlinds.com. We also have a Facebook page at: fb/BloominBlingsOfTheWoodlands. Please give us a visit and a like.

Smart Home

Our second division at Daldavco, LLC is our Smart Home Division. Just a few of the products and services that offer include:

  • Smart AC/Heating Controls.
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Smart Garage Door Openers
  • Smart Lawn Watering Systems
  • Smart Pool Controls
  • Smart Blinds, Shades, Shutters and Drapery (Through Bloomin’ Blinds)
  • Smart Ceiling Fans
  • Home Monitoring Cameras (in common areas of the home)
  • Smart Security Systems
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Home Voice Assistant Integration
  • Smart Phone Integration
  • Smart Scene Creation

An example of a Smart Scene would be one touch on your smart home when you ‘Arrive Home’ to:

  1. Disarm alarm
  2. Open garage door
  3. Set AC/Heat to a comfortable temperature
  4. Turn on Hall light
  5. Close Blinds in the Bedroom

A bedtime Scene might have you say from your bed “Alexea, It’s bedtime” and the Scene would:

  1. Locks all doors
  2. Close all blinds and shades
  3. Set alarm to stay (enable security on all doors and windows, but not motion sensors)
  4. Adjust temperatures in certain rooms
  5. Turn on bedroom ceiling fan
  6. Adjust all lights as you wish, like maybe
    1. Turn off all bedroom lights
    2. Adjust bathroom lights to 5%
    3. Adjust porch & patio lights to 25%

An emergency panic scene might have you say “Alexea, Emergency Mode!”, and the Scene would:

  1. Send your Alarm Monitoring a “Panic, send Police” alert
  2. Have every light in and out of the house change color to Bright Red and to start flashing
  3. Set off Alarm Sirens
  4. Open all blinds and shades all of the way
  5. Turn on all TVs and increase to maximum volume
  6. Have your Home assistant increase volume to maximum and play a recorded sound
  7. Turn Sprinklers on

Basically a Scene is a combination Smart Devices being configured to execute a series of commands that you want, by one button push or one voice command.

More detailed information on each of these devices can be found elsewhere on this site. Contact us to schedule an in home consultation and no hassle quote to make your home a Smart Home.