Graber Honeycomb / Cellular Shades

Blooming Blinds of The Woodlands is an Authorized Dealer for many of the top manufactures of Honeycomb/Cellular Shades. Graber is one of those top manufacturers.

I have these on the business side (facing the Lake) of my house in Grand Harbor for many reasons. They include:

  • The strongest sun comes from that side of the house in the mornings. I have huge windows on that side of the house, and you can feel the sun’s intense heat on these Texas Summer days. The Honeycomb design saves me a ton of money on my electric bill by acting as an insulator against heat. Of blinds, Shades or Shutters, Honeycomb blocks the most heat coming from window. Works the same way, but in reverse, in the winter.
  • There are many options of light filtering, and I chose one that allows just the right amount of daylight into the room when closed, and yet great privacy in the evening.
  • The stack at the top of the shade is very small when compared to blinds. This gives a better appearance to the window over a blind or roller shade in a cassette.
  • Great choice of fabric texture and colors. Downstairs we have a light tan that compliments the walls and let’s in enough daylight that the room lights are not needed during the day when closed. Upstairs in our Game Room we have a dark Espresso Brown color, which is a perfect contrast to the light tan wall color, yet perfectly compliments the Pecan wood floors; Walnut bookcases, pool and suffleboard tables. The dark color filters out most light to allow watching the Texans on the Big Screen TV that is facing the windows.
  • When closed, they look so much better from the outside than blinds or roller shades. Both upstairs an downstairs have a white backing, despite being of completely different ends of the color chart inside. They look identical from the outside, and the pleated look is so much more of a classy look over the “All my shades pulled down look” of a roller shade.
  • Ours are automated with a small solar cell mounted high in the window keeping a full charge on the motor’s battery. In my case, I have a schedule for the back closing in the late morning for harshest sun and opening 3/4 of the way in afternoon for the view. At night they again close for privacy but open in early morning for sunrise. I can also use my iPhone to open or close, and set a Scene where when I arm my Alarm they close.

Honeycomb/Cellular is right for so many Texas Homes.

Click here for Graber’s brochure, which goes much further with explaining the Features and Benefits of Honeycomb Shades. If you live between Spring and Huntsville, Texas – give us a shout at 936-238-6800 to schedule an in-home consultation. We’ll show you the fabric choices, light filtering choices, and cell size choices. Then we’ll precision measure your windows and give a quote with a Dynamite price.